Parking Enforcement

Keep Your Parking Lot Safe and Secure

Arrange for parking enforcement services in Upper Marlboro, Marlow Heights, MD or Alexandria, VA

Perhaps you keep certain spaces in your company's parking lot reserved, or maybe you require tenants at your apartment complex to display a parking sticker. While you can't always keep an eye on the parking lot to make sure these rules are being followed, you can arrange for parking enforcement services from 21st Towing LLC in Upper Marlboro, Marlow Heights, MD or Alexandria, VA.

We provide monitoring services and we're always on call for parking lot towing. To set up a contract with us for parking lot monitoring, contact us now.

Why is parking enforcement important?

Why is parking enforcement important?

Even if you put up signs that clearly designate tow-away zones, there will always be someone that parks there anyway. With parking enforcement services, you can be sure that:

  • You don't get stuck with an abandoned car on your property
  • There are enough parking spaces for residents and paying customers
  • There's room for an emergency vehicle to pull up to your building at all times

We also offer snowplowing and 24-hour patrol services to keep your parking lot safe. To learn more about our parking lot towing services in Prince George's County, call us today.